Famous Tourist Places in Delhi

Delhi – The Capital City of India

Welcome to the capital of India, Delhi which has been occupied, shattered, and reborn 7 times. The magic charm Delhi casts on visitors has anchored them there eternally ever since they visited it. Take the opportunity to experience and explore Delhi through the eye of Delhiites and get under the skin of this ever-bustling capital. With so many sites to visit and see the monuments, boredom is a term unknown in the historic city, Delhi.

Delhi Attractions

Chandni Chowk

We wouldn’t call it a crime, but a visit to Delhi one day tour package is always incomplete without a ride to rickshaw around the Chandni Chowk area. Enjoy the funny experience of taking a ride of rickshaw from Chandni Chowk to Chawri Bazar. Starting with the chorus invitations of the rickshawalas dying to give you a ride through the winding lanes of Chandni Chowk, to catching glimpses of British Indian architectures, you will definitely be awestruck by the 400 years old history of the very cheerful Chandni Chowk.

India Gate

India Gate is the perfect getaway for the ones with an appetite for fun. Licking on to an ice-cream, you might want to laze around on the lawns and watch the witty vendors sell goodies to visitors. And watching the surrounding activities is the mighty India Gate, built-in memory of 90,000 soldiers who gave their lives in WWI (World War I).

Standing at a height of 42 meters, India Gate is the perfect getaway for those who love outings, picnics, pampering themselves with unconventional snacks like fruit chaat, bhelpuri, candy floss, spicy chickpeas, aerated drinks, etc.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat is another colorful destination that showcases India in a nutshell. It is a wonderful Indian food and crafts bazaar and it is definitely a shopping paradise. Located at the heart of the city, Dilli Haat has more than 60 vibrant stalls of crafts and food from all over India. The handicrafts sold here include handloom items, woolen and silk items, ornaments, footwear, metal crafts, fabrics, etc which you can purchase at a reasonable price. It is a beautiful place that gives exposure to very talented Indian artisans and is a great presentation of Indian culture and art.

Monuments and Places of Worship

Lotus Temple

Visit Lotus Temple, which in the last couple of years surpassed the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal to become the most visited building in the world. Shaped like a lotus, it is a House of Worship, open to people from all religious backgrounds and who can come together and pray to one God.

Jama Masjid

A visit to Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India is going to be an overwhelming experience too. Climb up the southern Minaret of the Jama Masjid from where you can clearly observe old Delhi merge into New Delhi with Delhi tour packages. This spiritually spellbinding experience at the sunset will take you decades back to the era of the kings.

Qutub Minar

Amidst other ancient and medieval structures and ruins, Qutub Minar, the world’s tallest brick minaret stands at a height of 72.5 meters. It is made up of stones that earlier shaped the ruined and destroyed Hindu and Jain Temples surrounding it and was built to celebrate the might of Islam. Excuse the neck ache which you might possibly get after starring high up at the Qutub Minar trying to figure out what kind of distant kingdoms you can see from up there.

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