About Pushkar Fair 2016

Pushkar Camel Fair (Pushkar Mela or Pushkar Fair) exotic annual five-day festival, which is organized in a holy town of Pushkar in the state of Rajasthan. The main intention behind this festival was to draw local livestock merchant to do business during the month of Kartik (according to the Hindu calendar), which starts with the new moon in the month of November. Basically, this fair has two major components: the first component of the fair is livestock trading, where huge numbers of camels, sheep, cows and large crowds assemble; And the second is the vibrant carnival after the first five days. This is the best time to visit Pushkar and the fair attracts a large number of domestic and international travelers across the world.


Pushkar camel fair tour

Events During Pushkar Fair 2016 –

Basically, the first event of the Pushkar Fair is Camel race. The camels are beautified in finery and are raced to access the ending line before the music stops. The first prize of the camel is judged upon its speed, equipment, ornaments, capacity to explanation and carry out its masters’ prescribes are the criteria of selection.

How can we forget to describe the well known longest moustache, bridal competition and matka phod which attracts a huge number of tourists all over the world? You can get enjoy the amazing events of this fair through the Pushkar camel fair tour packages 2016. Some events of this fair are given here.

List of Pushkar Fair 2016 Events –

  1. Camel Race

  2. Camel and Horse Dance

  3. Gorband – Camel Decoration

  4. Kabbadi Match (Local v/s Visitors)

  5. Turban Tying and Tilak Competition

  6. Cultural Programs

  7. Pushkar for Pilgrims


    About Pushkar Fair 2016

Pushkar is one and only place which is dedicated to Lord Brahma. During the Pushkar Fair, the town of Pushkar draws a huge number of tourists stream as pilgrims visit to attend the festival and bathe in the holy water of Pushkar’s lake and be free of their crime or guilt. The two days around full moon are agreed to be the most fortunate time of the year for bathing in this lake. In 2016, Pushkar Camel Fair is during 8th to 15th November 2016.

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