FourWheelDriveIndia – Most Exciting Options for Tourism in India

India is the very beautiful country in the world. This country has shown a phenomenal growth in the past decade. In this country have number of religious places, magnificent Forts, beautiful Lakes, rocky and hills, and many more for visiting.  India tour and travel attracts tourist everywhere from the world and provide the breathtaking view.

tour-and-travel-in-india.jpgTour and travel in India is one of the leading brand names in the tourism industry. Taj Mahal is the most famous palace in India and situated in Agra city. The beautiful Mahal was built by Shahjahan in the memory of his adored wife Mumtaz Begum.

The list of famous and most visited cities in India:

Mumbai: It is the capital of Maharashtra and very largest city in India. The 3 largest companies of India Reliance Industries Limited and Aditya Birla Group operate out of Mumbai. This city is famous for its beautiful beaches, temples and bollywood movies and a most famous destination for visitors.

Delhi: It is the capital of India. It is a great manufacturing centre. It is mostly famous for the historical buildings, Landmarks and the rich and various cultures. This city offers the lots of fascinating and attractions to the visitors.

Bangalore: Bangalore city also known as the Bangaluru is the garden city of India. This is the very clean, secure city and industrial city in India. A beautiful city of Bangalore is completely brightened with gardens, walls, lake and wellsprings.

Kolkata: It is the capital of the West Bengal and the second largest (population) city in India. This city is known “the city of palaces”.  The history of Kolkata city has a different and very interesting which you will truly have the ability of submerge yourself in on one of these Kolkata strolls.

Ahmedabad: It is one of the most vibrant cities of Gujarat. There are some major international companies such as Nirma, Adani Group, Arvind Mills, Cadila, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals is the base of this city.

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