Experience heritage vision with Golden triangle tour

India possesses a very glorious and an ironic past. It has created history in its own magnificent manner and has taught a lot from its earlier time Uncountable things to the world. Till the present date we can find the glimpse of its past victories, its creativity y, its royalty and much more by exploring the most favorite destination of people all around the world namely; jaipur, delhi, and agra through Golden triangle tour packages India. It is a special circuit forming an equilateral triangle roughly if we evaluate the map with about two hundred or two fifty kilometers far away from each other. This triangle consists of the city of past rajputs and mughal emperor ruled under many different dynasties which have finally come up with something incredible to watch. These vertexes of the triangle are unique in their own way having amazing ancient sculptures, remarkable art, folk music, dance, and vibrant customs and traditions which attracts its visitors all around the globe.

Golden_Triangle_tour packages

If we talk about the routes of destination in Golden triangle tour packages India, then we’ll be firstly visiting Delhi; the political capital of India via jaipur; the pink city via Agra; the land of mughals. Delhi is the most popular city nationally and internationally as well. It has so much to serve to its visitors for trading and commercial purpose but also for tourism purpose. Being the capital of the country it contributes largely to Golden tour in India. Attractions of Delhi are india gate, red fort, akshardham temple of shri swami narayan, qutab minar, jama masjid, and many more. Also its huge market places, hi tech malls and building is another element which will amaze you. This city provides great hospitality and services to its visitors. The second vertex of the triangle is jaipur as known as the pink city of india due to its building painted all in pink color. It can also be termed as royal land of rajput which reflects the leisure, legacy and lavishness of its previous emperors through its ancient look and is one of the major tourist destination preserving heritage india. Its delicious food, vibrant accessories, gracious festivals and customs will develop a keen sense of true india with spellbounded beauty of forts and havellies like amber fort, jantar mantar, hawa mahal, jal mahal, nahargarh fort, jaigarh fort, city palace, albert hall etc. The last place to cover under this tour is agra, always heard with the name taj mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is a mesmerizing thing ever created by man on this planet. This tomb of mumtaz mahal is one of the key features of this triangle. Agra also consists of some architectural masterpieces like humaya tomb, moti masjid, akbar’s tomb etc.

Golden triangle tour with rich heritage and culture of india, it a wonderful combination of the three most visited place of india which display the ancient as well as modern india. And preserving heritage authenticity of the country will definitely gifts you a memorable vacations.

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