Display of India’s Glorious Past with Golden Triangle Packages

A combination of the 3 major Indian cities of India including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Golden triangle India tour package is one of the most popular tourist circuit of India. These 3 vibrant cities actually represent the grandeur of Indian tradition, culture, heritage, custom, and glorious history and provide a complete experience to their tourists to visiting India.

Golden triangle tour packages will start from Delhi city, India’s power capital where tourists will be able to visit tourist destinations of great historical, cultural and political significance. Some of Delhi’s major attractions include Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Jama Masjid, India Gate, Chandni Chowk, Connaught Place, and many other interesting spots.

Golden triangle tour packages from Delhi, we will move towards the imperial city of Agra. On the way, you will get an opportunity to explore Sikandra. Upon arrival in Agra, you will be charmed by the beauty of the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is an eternal symbol of love that Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan made in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. In Agra, you can also visit Agra fort, which has historical significance.

The last stop of golden triangle tour India is Jaipur, the way Fatehpur Sikri is looking for a city. Jaipur, also called Pink City, is home to many beautiful and spacious palaces and forts. You will see the majestic Amber Fort here, where you can also enjoy an elephant ride to reach the fort. After this, you can go to the castle of the air castle, or winds. From there you can visit the City Palace, which is the residence of the current Jaipur Royal family and also works as a museum. Later you can spend time in Jantar Mantar and enjoy a great shopping experience in the colorful markets of Jaipur.

The entire golden triangle India is usually planned for a period of 6 to 8 days. It starts from Delhi, India, and usually returns to Delhi with tourists. In a typical golden triangle travel package, your travel and hotel expenses should also be included. Golden triangle tour is considered one of the most fashionable tour circuits in India and you need to book a tour for yourself to fully experience it. Do not miss out on all sides of the golden triangle packages and enjoy the contemporary struggle of cultures during the tour.

Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Delhi – Experience Delightful Ambiance

Shimla Kullu Manali Tour Package from Delhi – Experience Delightful Ambiance

Shimla, Kullu, and Manali are the prime destination of beautiful state Himachal Pradesh from India. They are known for their additional nature excellence and a few great spots for experience and adventure. When you will explore the acclaimed hill destination of North India you will surely wonder about its amazing nature abundant magnificence. You will feel as though nature had poured its all excellence on them.

delhi to manali tour package

Situated in the North West Himalayas, Shimla is the capital of Indian state – Himachal Pradesh and a famous hill resort of North India. Additionally, Kullu and Manali are extremely famous among tourists from all around the world for their stunning grand excellence and pleasant scenes. Snow covered Himalayan peak, wooden incline, vivacious valley, glades of wild bloom, the natural product loaded apple tree, deodar and pine tree woodlands, experience and game spots, and so on are the significant attractions of Shimla Kullu Manali tour package from Delhi to Indian state Himachal Pradesh.

kullu manali tour package from delhi

Shimla – The capital of Himachal Pradesh – is the best destination for any occasion in all season. Tourists from everywhere throughout the world embark on Shimla tour and explore the heart grab attractions. They come here to explore Mall Road, the most famous destination – pressed with shops and diners. They come here to encounter superb feeling. Interested? All things considered, set out on Shimla tour packages from Delhi and experience Shimla in its numerous tones from spring blossoms to harvest time leaves, from the superb puff of breeze of summer to winter snowfalls, all are enamoring and heart snatching. You will also have a wonderful open door appreciate the variety of experience sports like trekking, golfing, fishing, skiing, and so on.

manali packages from delhi

Kullu – It is one of the beautiful spots in the delightful state – Himachal Pradesh of India. All famous Kullu Valley is otherwise called the “Valley of Gods”. Aside from beautiful magnificence, lavish green scenes, energetic valleys, and so on you will also have an awesome chance to see here a few temples. On your trip to Kullu valley, you will without a doubt love to visit the wooden temple, apple orchards, and enjoy appreciate tradition, music, and dance. Kullu is also popular as a superb spot for trekking. Kullu tour packages from Delhi offered you to do trekking in the most popular destination of North India.

shimla manali tour package from delhi

Manali – It is also an exceptionally well known holiday destination of Himachal Pradesh. Travel lovers from everywhere in the world visit this amazing hill station in North India. It is a perfect base gateway to beat the warmth of summer. Manali tour packages from Delhi furnishes vacationers cool and great feeling with the excellent grand excellence of nature. It is its excellence that makes it a prime special night door in India. Honeymooner or couples from everywhere throughout the nation and over the world come here to praise the honeymoon trip. Snow covered Himalayan peaks, apple plantations, glades of wild blossoms, and beautiful outing spots make together a great feel for honeymooners and vacationers.

shimla manali package from delhi

Manali is also too famous among sports and adventure lovers. There are various choices for sports and adventure in Manali. There are a few best Shimla Kullu Manali tour package from Delhi is made available by different travel specialists and travel operator in the market that empowers you to appreciate sports and adventure in and around this hill town. Some prevalent sports and adventure in Manali are hiking, trekking, paragliding, mountaineering, rafting, mountain biking, kayaking, fish touting, and so forth.

Taj Mahal – One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Taj Mahal – One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Taj Mahal one day tour from Mumbai is one of the most revered trips to Agra. Travelers want to go to Taj Mahal once in a life. The itinerary of Mumbai to Agra tour package will take someone to Taj Mahal, the most extravagantly built monument on Love. While touring Agra you can explore also other Mughal monuments at Fatehpur Sikri, a UNESCO world heritage site with Sikandra on the Delhi Agra roadway.

Taj Mahal attracts millions of unique travelers from all over the world in a year. Both foreign and domestic traveler visited Agra. Indeed Taj Mahal can be an Indian architectural marvel and the main reason behind its universal attraction could it be is the Epitome designed for Love. Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built Taj Mahal mausoleum to immortalize his love for much loved better half Mumtaj Mahal who died of child birth. The white marble structures of Taj Mahal makes one spellbound initially sight. The complex carvings, the archway, your garden before the Taj Mahal all makes a travelers oblivious.

Agra is 204 kilometers from India’s capital city, New Delhi. You have to reach Delhi first to reach this Mughal monument. Agra is merely 4 hours drive from Delhi. While going towards Agra from Delhi you can halt at Sikandra to visit the Tomb of Emperor Akbar which is also the art work of Mughal structures.

Morning or evening beautiful view of Taj Mahal is changing. One must explore the changing colors of Taj Mahal at the time of sunrise and sunset. Taj Mahal wears a new look during the time of sunrise and sunset. The marble symphony of Taj Mahal is incredible. The wonderful Taj Mahal inexpressive in word. You can feel it only while viewing in on own eyes.

Taj Mahal tour from Mumbai also includes sightseeing of It-mad-Daula’s Tomb, Agra Fort, and Fatehpur Sikri, a deserted capital of Mughal. Everything is the symbol of art work of Mughal structures.

Taj Mahal tour packages from Mumbai is practically imperfect if one doesn’t try Agra cuisine. Agra history and tradition, heritage hotels have dining venues which provide Mughlai cuisine. You need to explore the markets of Agra to get handicrafts products.

Unique and Enjoyable South India Tour Itinerary

Whatever a visitor or traveler could look for; everything will be available to him or her on a tour of South India. That is because South India offers something for everyone.

Whatever the travelers could look for everything will be accessible to her or him on a South India tour packages. That’s because South India offers something for every person.

South India is an integral part of the India that will offer everything for all kinds of travelers. It might be good experience mixing up the getaway with some religious as well as soul searching experiences.

What South India Offers –

On the one hands South India tour packages itinerary has places of natural beauties like hill stations, sea shores, and wildlife sanctuaries galore and on the other hand you will find so many temples, history, traditions points. Increase this few of the most developed cities of the state and most advanced facilities and shopping facilities.

Tours of South India –

South India has 5 states… 4 are large… and one is small. They are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Pondicherry. Additionally there is the Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Various types of South India tour packages from Bangalore are there and some popular are holiday destinations are –

All encompassing tour where most prominent places of South India in every these state are covered.

Best South India tour packages of hill stations like Munnar, Ooty, Idduki, Arakkhu, as well as others.

South Indian beach tour packages like Kodaikanal, Marina, Cochin, Kanyakumari, as well as other.

South India temple tour packages covering places like Simhachalam, Tirupati Tirumala, Rameswaram, Madurai numerous temples of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

Heritage places tour either by roads or by luxury trains.

Travelers can choose one of the packages or can also choose for combo packages for their purpose.

Enjoying the Festivals

South India festival tour packages will offer the combination of tour with soul looking experience. It will supply the traveler a glance though in to the culture, history, tradition that is customary to Dravidian people in India. Pongal for example is one of the festival in South India common to all or any the state and exceptional festive flavor gives visitors the knowledge of their life.

Temple Tours in Southern zone

Depending upon the flavor and budget of traveler, South India temple tour packages can include a lot of amazing elements which is simple enough understanding the reason why for this. South India has a large number of large and small temples scattered across its length and breadth. The most famous temples in south India will be the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai in Tamil Nadu that is known for its architectural brilliance. Tirupati Temple in Andhra Pradesh is one of the most visited holy places of Hindus. You will find so many others like the Krishna Temple, the Shore Temple, Nataraja Temple, Emambareshwar Temple, and Brihadeshwara Temple to mention some out of thousands.

Exotic Hill Stations

Besides temples, sea, shopping complexes, beaches, and historical traditional places, South India is also offers lots of popular hill station. Going by Ooty, the queen of hill station you will find so many others like Arakkhu, Coonoor, Munnar, Idukki, as well as other that are preferred destination of traveler.

To top it all everything there will be the backwaters in Kerala, the famous vacation spot of honeymooning lovers from all parts of the world.

Have an Insight of Northern with North India Tour

Have an Insight of Northern with North India Tour

India is one of the major countries that attract millions of tourist every year. Presently there is a huge number of travelers that wish to visit India repeatedly because it is not easy and possible to get a complete insight into this beautiful country on a journey. Because it is a huge geography, it is extremely divided into 4 parts namely North India, South India, East India, and West India.

While every part of India advances its own charm through culture, heritage, environment, custom, tradition, and architect, a significant of tourist likes to be on complete North India tour packages. It is the crown of India because the capital of India is in North. Choosing for North India tour packages from Delhi is really a decision for every tourist because on holiday destinations in North India, following gems of India could be discovered –

Delhi – Being the capital of India, it has always been interesting for tourists when they are in India. World famous monuments, forts, and palaces including Chandani Chowk can be explored here. A few of the majestic places in Delhi are Qutub Minar, Lal Quila, Jantar Mantar, President’s house, India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, IP Park, Chandni Chowk, and Connaught Place.

Rajasthan – Being the state of Maharaja’s, you will be discovering the royal living at Rajasthan in your tour of India. Jaipur – the Pink City, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Mandawa are the major tourist cities that are at the core of Rajasthan. At the time you choose for North India honeymoon packages then never miss visiting Rajasthan because here you could explore lakes, forts, monuments, desert, temples, wildlife, elephant safari, camel safari and folk dance in traditional Rajasthani music and enjoy the food.

Kashmir – Every human hears about heaven from different people but nobody has seen it in real. On the other hand, Kashmir is known as a heaven of this earth because of its incredible beauty, flora, and lakes. In the event that you come on India and don’t visit Kashmir then you might need to come again because, without the insight of Kashmir, the trip to holiday destinations in North India will be incomplete, specifically for lovers, as Kashmir is among the most romantic place. Newly married people and lovers adore this heaven.

Uttaranchal – Known as the land of Gods, you will be enjoying this pilgrimage on your North India tour packages with prices. There are lots of attractions in Uttaranchal are Nainital – here you see Nainital Lake, Ranikhet, Mussoorie, Dhanaulti, Almora, and many other adorable places.

Uttar Pradesh – You come on North India tour package and do not visit the symbol of affection, the Taj Mahal, how it is possible. The Taj Mahal is in Agra, a city in Uttar Pradesh state. As you come here you will adore its beauty and structures.

Learn New Traditions about Mughal City – Agra

The city of Agra is often linked to the timeless romantic marble structure built by Shah Jahan – the Taj Mahal. It is located in Uttar Pradesh State, north of India, on the banks of the famous Yamuna River. There are several tourist attractions in this city with many tourists from around the world who visit each year and learn new traditions about this Mughal city.

The Agra brings you so many informative things about the history and foundation of the medieval city, how to reach Agra, things to do like shopping, etc. In this article you will also read the best time to visit Agra, the city of Agra, and eat food at restaurants. Your trip to Agra is incomplete without shopping here.

History of Agra

The foundation of Agra dates back to the mid-1400s by Badal Singh. Earlier, Agra got its name from the Mahabharata mythological epic as the Agraban Forest. The city of Mughals became famous as the capital after being transferred from Delhi. After Sikander Lodhi had administrative duties from Agra, Barbur succeeded him.

For many dynasties, several rulers, including Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb ruled over this Mughal city and built archaeological structures. They include Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Sikandra and the seven wonders of the world – Taj Mahal.

This marble mausoleum presents itself as a true love structure and the love story of Shah Jahan and his beloved Mumtaz Mahal is told to many tourists. Passengers on the Deccan Odyssey luxury train spend a day in Agra after visiting the Taj Mahal after breakfast during your Taj Mahal tour from Delhi. They then head for the “Baby Taj” before seeing the big Agra Fort. Agra is famous for several historical monuments.

Major Attractions in Agra –

  • Taj Mahal.
  • Agra Fort.
  • Jahangir Palace.
  • Fatehpur Sikri.
  • Sikandara Tomb.
14 Things You Can Do In Udaipur to Make Your Honeymoon Truthfully Unforgettable

14 Things You Can Do In Udaipur to Make Your Honeymoon Truthfully Unforgettable

For all those planning their honeymoon in India, Udaipur can be one of the perfect locations. Enriched with beautiful culture and lots of other activities, Udaipur promises a truly royal honeymoon for the newlyweds. As the state of Rajasthan itself bears testimony to the reign of different Maharajas, this ” The City of Lakes” is also home to many architectural remnants of the era.

udaipur honeymoon package

So, is not it a perfect place for you as well as your spouse to explore life the royal family members once resided? Well, if you will still are experiencing certain questions, then why don’t we give some amazing reasons that will tempt you to visit Udaipur for your honeymoon then Udaipur honeymoon package is the best option for you. So, why don’t we begin?

udaipur honeymoon packages

  • Go through the magnificence of Rajasthan in the stunning grand “City Palace”.
  • Don’t to miss, the Crystal Gallery at Fateh Prakash Palace that residences the extravagant assortment of classic crystal items.
  • Explore the classic stuff employed by the Rajputs of the royal city at Bagore Ki Haveli.
  • Enjoy the amazing view of the location from the Sunset Terrace, at Fateh Prakash Palace.
  • Embark on a romantic hour – long boat ride in Lake Pichola to the wonderful Jag Mandir Palace, to take pleasure from some attractive views of the encompassing area.
  • Stay up till late at the City Palace Complex to wait for the Mewar light and sound show at the wonderful Manek Chowk.
  • Prepare yourself to be totally mesmerized by the initial assortment of vintage cars housed in the Palace Garage.
  • Visit a camel together and enjoy an enchanting ride through the location as well as the deserts.
  • And, for a far more royal experience, go for an elephant safari.
  • Get surprised by the picturesque view of the lakes, age – old palaces, temples, and many more, while paragliding with your love.
  • Simply sit together at the peaceful Ambrai Ghat, and revel in each other’s company as of this beautiful place.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the City of Lakes, from the Monsoon Palace located at a hilltop.
  • Go to the resplendent Jagdish Temple to consider blessings from the almighty for the new starting you will ever have.
  • Head towards Shilpgram, also called The Craft Village, to look for handicrafts and cultural souvenirs, and collect along with you some beautiful memories of the place.